A year-round daycare with a preschool program during the school year so that your children has the head start they need when they enter school.

Ninety percent of brain development occurs before age five!  That's why it SO important for children to begin their learning development as early as possible!  I provide a caring environment for ages 18 months to school age, with a first-class early development education that will advance children well beyond the kindergarten level!  I offer a small group, nurturing and learning environment you can trust and the kids love!  

     *Children UNDER TWO will have the opportunity to spend time in a learning environment that will advance their ability to learn when they are ready for the preschool program.  Just being a part of our learning day gives them a huge head start!

     *Children will begin the preschool program at TWO YEARS of age and will start with the basics of letters, numbers, shapes, colors and simple crafts to build self-esteem.  They will receive a report card of their learning progress each Spring.  

     *Children who start the preschool at THREE AND OLDER will be tested the first few days of attendance to assess where they are at in their learning development and can begin learning at their own individual learning level.  An initial report card will be sent home so you can compare this report card to their Spring report card and see the difference the preschool program makes in your child's learning!  

     *CHILDREN WHO ARE MORE ADVANCED will have the opportunity to learn from a curriculum that will teach them writing skills and sight words to get them reading ready!  

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